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Six-Tiered skirt in twill

Six-Tiered skirt  in twill

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: ESTHER from L'worth, Indiana, USA on 2010-04-16
"I ordered a black six-tiered twill skirt on Monday and received it today, just four days later! I just want to say that I absolutely love the skirt! It is so comfortable, long, decent, feminine, cheap...I'm so glad that I decided to look on for a skirt. Actually, I kind of stumbled upon it while searching for decent skirts which are so hard to find out in the stores. Thanks so much for the wonderful skirt, and I look forward to ordering from you again!"

Reviewer: Anonymous from USA on 2007-12-05
"Best skirt ever invented!!!!!! I am a housewife, 49, Jewish, and not religious. I used to wear pants most of the time. That all changed last year when I saw an Orthodox girl wearing one in the store, and I asked her where she got it. She told me I quickly went and ordered one myself. I wore it on the first day it came, and wanted to wear it again the next day. I quickly ordered several more, mostly in denim, some in black or chocolate. Still, denim is my favorite. Now, I wear them all the time, except on rare occasion when I have to dress fancy. I sleep in them, too. They are so comfortable and perfect to wear 24/7/365. I now hate wearing anything else. I disposed most of my old wardrobe, particulary my pants, because of these amazing skirts."

Reviewer: Hannah from Paris on 2007-09-15
"I got a very fast delivery just before Rosh haShana.This skirt is amazing!Strong fabric,well cut,not see-through (the black one),very comfortable walking with.I'll order another one b'ezras Hashem ! Very good product.Thanks"

Reviewer: Amira from Florissant, MO on 2007-08-29
"I received my order today. I absolutely love this skirt. It goes with every shirt I have. It's so modest and beautiful."

Reviewer: Julie from MA/USA on 2007-01-12
"Love it, love it, love it! I ordered this skirt in denim and in chocolate corduroy. The corduroy is very soft and comfortable. The denim is comfortable and very versitile. Being tall (5'9") it's nice to find a company that offers skirts this long! The hem on the denim does roll up after washing, but is easily cured with a little steam with ironing. I hope to get this in black soon!"

Reviewer: Ann from New Jersey, USA
"This skirt just came in the mail. This is my second shipment from this company and both times Ive received my package very quickly--within seven days. I bought the brown corduroy; the fit is just perfect. The skirt is both comfortable and beautiful. I know I'm going to live it this skirt all fall and winter."

Reviewer: Amy from Mississippi/USA on 2006-10-08
"The denim six-tiered skirt was the first item I ever bought from tznius. I absolutely love it!! It is perfect for just about any occasion!!! I wear it to work all the time...I work with children so I am constantly getting up and down off the floor, chasing after kids, etc. It is easy to move around in without having to worry about being immodest. I have had some trouble with the bottom hem rolling up as well as the inside hem of the waist. (However, you can fix the waist hem with a little "Sewing in a tube" keeps the hem down without showing a seam on the outside of the skirt.) I also have the cordurary skirt and I love it too! It does not roll up at all and it is very light weight!"

Reviewer: Jaimie from TN, USA
"This is my favorate skirt!! It looks nice for church, and you can wear it around the house or for a quick trip to town! "

Reviewer: Allison from (Grimshaw/AB/Canada) on 2006-09-05
"Comfortable, practical, beautiful..this is my new favourite skirt! I wear it to church AND around the farm! The bottom hem rolls up but I still love it."

Reviewer: Netanya from USA on 2006-02-27
"These skirts are awesome. The denim looks really nice, but the curduroy is great for when I need to look a little more dress casual. They are cute, but practical and tznius, which is the main concern in a town where it is HARD to find good skirts. This site is a life saver."

This item is soldout.
Reg. Price
$ 45.00

Sale Price
$ 26.95
Our six-tiered skirt with full, rich layers. Back zipper and fitted waist. Available in cotton twill, a lightweight denim and also in a Gorgeous lightweight corduroy that's velvety and soft. This is a fantastic walking skirt! This skirt runs a bit small in the hips, so if you're in doubt between two of the sizes, we reccomend purchasing the larger.
100% cotton.
1 meter in length (40 inches).

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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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