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Head Scarves > Triangular

Queen Esther Scarf

Queen Esther Scarf

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Selina from Crestview, FL USA
"I was very pleased with my head scarfs. They exceeded my expectation in quality, elegance, and style. The medallions give a light jingle sound that I just love. I will be buying more as more colors are available! =D"

Reviewer: Alana from Salisbury, NC on 2010-09-21
"I love this scarf! I wore it to the synagogue and the rabbi said he was going to order a bunch of them for Purim!!! I have the sea blue one. I wish there were more colors to choose from though....are there anymore orders of these coming in?"

Reviewer: JemRose from Texarkana, TX on 2010-09-18
"These scarves are sooooo beautiful! I hope to buy one in every color eventually. I just love them. Thank you so much for making them and selling on the internet. May G-d bless you."

Reviewer: Christen from Odessa,Texas, USA on 2009-02-04
"I'm new to the scarves so my friend told me about this web site. Everything is beautiful. But I bought one for me & my friend in black with a ruby square scarf to go under it. Absolutely beautiful!! The shipping time was almost non exsistent. I ordered on Saturday & they got here on Wednesday. Thankyou so much Tznius for making this an awesome experience for me."

Reviewer: Llia from california on 2008-10-01
"The best scarve ever! I wish they never sold out. Covering your hair with this scarve makes you feel proud to cover your crown."

Reviewer: ADA from Silver Spring/Maryland/USA on 2008-07-18
"Beautiful. I like this scarf very, much."

Reviewer: Melanie from Detroit, MI on 2008-06-30
"I just received my scarf today in fuschia, and I am in awe. This has to be one of the most beautiful scarves I have ever owned, bar none. Tying it right is going to take some practice for me, but it looks so great! I'll be ordering another color very soon."

Reviewer: Alexandra from DuBois, PA on 2008-04-16
"Beautiful headcovering. I love how it lies, and I love the look. The only downfall would be wearing it if you have a headache! Other than that it's lovely, and the jingle it makes is very sweet. The best part is that it doesn't slip off my head. Now I want more!"

Reviewer: Anita Ann from Hemet, Ca on 2008-04-14
"I just received this scarf today. I love the color and since it is a common color is maternity clothes this season I will be able to wear it often. My three year old daughter keeps "awing" at the medallions. This scarf will get plenty of wear."

Reviewer: Molly from San Diego, CA on 2008-03-19
"OK, this scarf is awesome! You would never be able to find this somewhere else. So pretty, and I'm really excited about wearing it on Purim :) It makes a jingly noise when it moves and my baby loves it."

Reviewer: julia from New Market, Tennessee, USA on 2007-05-13
"A year I waited for this scarf.. I ordered this for mothers day. My husband didnt know what to get me. It came a day before.... I love it. Mine didnt come with beaded edge which was ok with me it would have gotten pinched by the hair clips anyway. I love it. I am wearing it to work. Now that I can look as pretty as it makes me feel.......... now which color is next!"

Reviewer: Sylvia from Hillsdale, WY on 2006-05-29
"My mother gave me an orange one as a gift, and I LOVE IT!!! It is so pretty, so light and dainty, and the jingling makes me feel so feminine and pretty! I get compliments everywhere I go wearing this! Please continue to stock this scarf!"

Reviewer: H. from Alberta, Canada on 2006-05-19
"This scarf is really unique. I ordered the dark blue one, and I love it because it is so different from the regular scarves I wear. It adds a little extra flair to my wardrobe, and I always get complimented on it."

Reviewer: Kerry from Austin texas on 2006-04-28
"WOW! I love this scarf! I wear it over a plain white snood to dress it up. and ALWAYS get tons of compliments on it, the Queen Eather scarf really does make you feel like a queen!"

Reviewer: Sarah D from Hollywood, FL USA on 2006-03-12
"WOW! This head covering gets me compliments every time! I love it-thanks so much for this product. It's comfortable and easy to wear. And wow, is that model simply stunning!! Thank you,!"

This item is soldout.
Reg. Price
$ 18.95

Sale Price
$ 14.95
Our Queen Esther scarf is hand-made and perfect as a Purim headscarf. Delicate beads and two rows of light-weight, shiny, medallions bejewel this triangular scarf. In addition, the medallions make a delightful jingle when moved and silver beads gently frame the edges of this scarf. Made of a high quality synthetic material that is light and easy to wear. Wear our Queen Esther scarf, dangly earrings and a smile this Purim and you might also feel like the Queen of Persia. Scroll down to see more images and colors of this scarf. This scarf is best worn with a tight snood or scarf underneath (as our model is wearing) due to a slight transparency of the fabric.

This scarf is not returnable or exchangeable.

colors, from top clockwise: purple, bordeaux, black, turquoise, true blue, lime, lavendar.
Center scarf: orange

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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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