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How to tie our Scarf of many colors

Step 1:
Place scarf over your head with one side of the scarf longer than the other side.
Step 2:
Switch the two sides and pull the scarf tight at both ends.
Step 3:
Grab the longer side and twist it. Gently wrap it along the top of the crown of your head.
Step 4:
Tie the the two ends to one another. You can either tie them once together or make a double knot depending on your preference.
Step 5:
Alternatively, if you do not want the two ends hanging long you may take the two ends twist them together and pass it behind your head . Stick the ends securely into the 'crown' that you made in step 3. (as shown below on our plaid beige scarf) has not reviewed these ads and is not responsible for their content

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